Poor pool maintenance is responsible for 90% of all problems experienced by guests during their holidays.
Sometimes these are serious problems that affect the health and safety of people.

Abahana manages more than 100 swimming pools, guaranteeing partner-owners:

/ Use of premium brand pool cleaning products.

/ Frequent chemical analysis in compliance with the Law on private and public swimming pools of the Community of Valencia.

/ The peace of mind of knowing your pool is in perfect condition.

/ Efficient prevention and detection of incidents in your property.

/ More efficient monitoring and trouble shooting.

/ Better partner-owner communication.

/ Photographic support with your 24/7 personal session.In short, we offer superior property control and management.

Far more than a swimming pool maintenance company!


Your garden can add to the value of your villa. As the years go by, a well-maintained garden is a way of investing in rentals and sale.

We know this, which is why:
/ We care for lawns, plants and trees with routine fertilisation.
/ We prune your plants and trees so that they grow and bloom.
/ We perform regular inspections on irrigation systems.
/ We carry out mini improvement projects for our partner-owners.
/ We look for ways of saving on maintenance.
/ Efficient prevention and detection ofincidents in your property.
/ More efficient monitoring and troubleshooting.
/ Better partner-owner communication.
/ Photographic support with your 24/7 personal session.

In short, we offer more control and better property management services.


What are the advantages of our services?

/ An excellent network of selected local companies and technicians, controlled and managed by the team at Abahana.
/ We offer you streamlined, high-quality professional services.
/ An excellent 24-hour service, 365 days of the year, with our emergency helpline.
/ A personal service that meets your needs. We know your house.

What do these services include?

Repairs and installations with a 24-hour emergency service: / Locksmith / Plumbing / Electricity / Heating / Air conditioning / Glaziers / Blockages / TV aerials.

Maintenance: / Preventive (damp, wood treatments...) / Corrective (indoor/outdoor paint, cracks, leaks).

Renovations: ​​​/ General, minor work / Upgrading bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms / Laying floor and wall tiles
/ Building walls and partition walls / Wood and aluminium carpentry.

Cleaning: / Comprehensive cleaning of the property / Cleaning terrace floors, windows, chimneys / Textiles (cushions, covers, curtains, etc).