What is being our Partner-Owner? 

Rather than clients, Abahana treats owners as businesspartners, guaranteeing profits, excellent personal serviceand, of course, everything that Abahana does to maximiseincome for its partner-owners and to make savings - all in asecure, long-term environment.


If I want to sell my property...Can Abahana help me?

Of course!
There’s no reason why you can’t rent and sell at the same time. On the contrary, selling is quicker and easier when you are renting your villa.
Based on the excellent relationships we have built up over the years with guests who rent Abahana properties, we now have an enormous data base of potential clients who may be interested in buying a dream property on the Costa Blanca.
We really know our area and understand our product because we manage these properties to earn income for owners. All our guest-investors need to do is ask us for a profitability report, and we are ready to give them all the information they need.


What services can Abahana offer me?
/ Detailed property valuation reports, designed to raise the *“rating”.
/ Free, personal tax analysis.
/ A range of contractual operations depending on tax factors.
/ From the third rental year, depending on the time the property has been rented, Abahana offers free pool maintenance.
/ Energy study to cut electricity and water bills.
/ Specialist insurance to cover all types of household risks at a very competitive price.
/ Professional maintenance and repairs at low prices or fully covered by insurance.
/ Ongoing property monitoring and maintenance.
/ Incident reports and repairs with photographic back-up, at no extra cost.
/ An updated IT system that gives you peace of mind and control over your property at all times.
/ A database of thousands of for merguests who may be interested in buying your property.
/ Effective digital marketing to guarantee rentals, sales or both.
/ An experienced, enthusiastic team with high ethical and moral standards, who you can rely on to be loyal, honest and accountable.