Our partner-owners, are given user names and passwords to access our modern, efficient IT system. The private area is available online all day, every day, and contains clear, comprehensive information.

On the online access you can consult:

/ Bookings.
/ Occupation calendar.
/ Income earned.
/ Balances.
/ Statistics.
/ Feedback.
/ All management documents (contracts, invoices, payments made, estimates).
/ Everything we have done to your property with supporting photographs.

What’s more...
/ We have a telephone helpline, available from 9 am to midnight, seven days a week.
/ We have a round-the-clock mail service and, of course, our offices.


Centralised management of all the people, suppliers, incidents and absolutely everything that happens in the house while you are absent to streamline control, communication, evaluation and decision-taking.

By centralising our processes we can prevent incidents and we reduce times and costs through an efficient flow of information between you and the company.

General simplification, time saving and better management allow us to reduce costs while establishing common programmes with our partner-owners, allowing us to get things done more quickly and to higher standards.

Real 360ºmanagement.



This global, centralised approach to management aligns all the company’s departments and systems and all the members of the team at Abahana.

Clearly defined processes and systems supported by computerised systems, technologies and daily meetings with the entire team guarantee:

/ More efficient business management, monitoring and achievement of management objectives.
/ A deeper commitment from the team, dispelling negative dynamics caused by redtape, etc.
/ We know and comply with all legal requirements.
/ Far higher levels of prevention and continuous improvement.
/ Optimised resources and processes.
/ Consolidation of best practices.
/ We offer partner-owners better value by boosting the productivity of those most closely involved in management.