Situated in a sheltered bay, embraced by both sea and mountain, the white houses of Altea tumble down the slope until they reach the very edge of the sea.
On the horizon, its parish church, "Nª Sra. del Consuelo", with its ubiquitous and resplendent cobalt blue and white "Domes of the Mediterranean". 

And on every street, in every nook and cranny, art. Art in its purest form: paintings, sculptures... or in as many different manifestations of handicrafts that you can imagine

No sooner do visitors to Altea step into the old part of the town, the enjoyable and lively atmosphere you find on the streets will undoubtedly encourage you to make a stop in one of the restaurants in the town centre, or maybe you'd rather just enjoy a cold beer or a glass of "horchata" as the evening draws in, particularly in the terraces laid out in "San Pedro Street" or in the Church Square.


Are you looking for an authentic plan, far from the usual tourist trails? Sign up for a traditional sea-fishing vessel, learn all about what it takes to be a sailor, and appreciate the hard life of a fisherman.

But if you're a land lubber, then just lay back and enjoy the sun on Altea's beaches. Most of them are rather rocky or gravelly, but the water is crystal clear; La Olla beach is located between Portet de L'Olla and Villa Gadea; just opposite the beach are two small islands that some windsurfers or bathers try to reach them on rented catamarans.
This calm beach is the setting for a unique spectacle on the Saturday night nearest to the feast day of San Lorenzo, in mid-August, when hundreds of people congregate to watch fireworks and to listen to music.