Work on vacation.


Many people see vacations with family or friends jeopardized by jobs that require more care, delivery deadlines and sometimes, even jumping into the pool and reserving a villa, distractions are always present and productivity is not the same. Sometimes it is difficult to combine work and vacations, that is why we make possible what seems impossible for the guests staying with Abahana Villas.

Why use our coworking space?

Because you will find all the comforts of an office with all the necessary peace of mind to concentrate and perform better in those tasks that require you and thus have more time for your loved ones on vacation days.

In addition, it provides you with a more professional approach if you need to make video calls with a good internet connection while being in a more professional environment away from the noise of a cafeteria or the hustle and bustle of a villa on vacation.


Spaces for you.


Our Headquarters, located at 193 Moraira-Calpe road, is the perfect environment if you need to work and you are staying with us. Its location is unbeatable, in the well-known area of Moravit, very close to a large number of our villas.

It has 450 m² distributed over 3 floors that offer various spaces with coworking areas, closed or open offices with elements designed to offer you an exclusive service in total comfort.

The facilities are equipped with all the necessary services to work: internet access, monitors, ergonomic chairs, meeting office, printers, projector, blackboard, etc.

Areas designed in detail.


The office exudes a welcoming and dynamic atmosphere, with an international team that will help you whenever you need it.

The common areas, such as the terrace and the kitchen, are spacious and perfect for quietly sharing a coffee and connecting with the Abahana community.

It is a space in its entirety that invites creativity, collaboration and productivity through the use of its materials such as wood, lamps and soundproof elements, large solid tables. Its large windows let in the Mediterranean light that inspires new ideas.


Be part of the community.



The Headquarters also has a large free car park, so parking will not be a problem, nearby there are charming bars and restaurants that make it easy to enjoy the surroundings, tasting excellent meals with views of the sea after the day.

At Abahana we open the door to all our guests who need a space where they can develop their ideas and work with the leading company in the area that continually leads in innovation and offers the best quality service.