Let nature meet you.


Numerous psychological studies have shown the benefits of bringing nature into the office.
And indeed, those that had green plants made their workers feel happier in their work environment, more focused and up to 15% more productive.

But not everything is a question of productivity but of efficiency. The presence of plants in our office increases social interaction, making us much more involved in the projects, with less stress, so in the end the atmosphere is generally very positive.

Is it by chance that the most successful companies incorporate plants into their workspaces?

It's not the aesthetic that counts, the work areas become much more inspirational, sparking innovation and driving efficiency in carrying out tasks and projects.


The magical link has a name: Anne.


Our Anne, because there is no other like her; Seeing how a person cares for nature gives you an idea of ​​what it is like inside and what it projects.

They have been with us for 10 years and she has always been in charge of pampering them, watering them, pruning them and telling them how beautiful they are; perhaps that is the reason for seeing such significant growth in such a short time.

Nice to meet you. 

One of the secrets that the different spaces of Abahana house, that the plants are part of the team, because thanks to them we find a certain peace in the most difficult moments and they help us relax mentally by noticing their singular forms, because they are really special. Most are from the “succulent” family, they provide an exotic touch, they are very easy to care for and their shapes attract us a lot.

- Rhipsalis: Arrivals from the tropics, with very original shapes, including the "Rhipsalis sulcata" at the entrance to our Headquarters.
- Sansevieria Cylindrica: Curious and elegant for its completely vertical and cylindrical leaves. They give us security and direction.
- Epiphyllum oxypetalum: We love to stroke its flat stems.
- Sedum morganianum: We love its hanging braids.
- Succulent Moonglow:
- Pothos: Look closely and what you will see is that it is full of hearts.


The art of creating space.

Who was in charge of decorating and bringing such good energy?

One of our loyal suppliers, Fiona's Flower Power. There are already a few years that unite us with their professional treatment, creativity and a special charm.

Not only has she taken care of our Headquarters, but in our Check-In offices there is always a plant and she also helps us with beautiful bouquets for special occasions.

We hope that in your next visits you can appreciate our colleagues and like them as much as we do.