Xavier Pastor plans the new Abahana Head Office in Moraira.

The work was arduous because it was intended to create a sensible project, free from the typical clichés of an office and where it could be associated with well-being in the work context.

One of the key issues when developing the project was the relationship between the aesthetic and the technical approach.

We wanted spaces that told stories, where the elements of a house were reflected but where the equipment supported the behavior of the office at the same time; thus a technical environment was achieved but at the same time homey.




On an aesthetic level, the work relied on the emotional connection that had already been worked on in the two Check-In offices, modern lines but with warm touches with elements such as wood for the furniture and bolon to cover the floor.

On the other hand, the technical level was also important.

For greater team interaction, open spaces were used for which acoustic absorption elements were used, together with closed spaces for specific meetings, calls, etc., all of them equally soundproofed and equipped with special technical equipment.



During the development of the project, each element was rigorously selected, the lamps are special and their function is not only light but also absorb sound, as well as the workspace separator panels on the main floor.

The bolon that covered the Check-In offices, this time was replaced by a technical carpet that finished combining the technical furniture of the office together with the more homely atmosphere resulting from interior design and decoration.

At the same time, in the more technical part of the furniture, high-level ergonomic chairs with large work tables were selected for the team's greater comfort.




As for the most sensorial part given by the decoration, a combination of modern and traditional pieces was chosen; thus finding pots made by hand by a local artist, traditional elements such as marble mortars (very typical in the area) and design elements such as the set of lamps and glasses that provide a modern touch with a nod to the future.

In turn, photographs of some villas were framed in the commercial offices and a large illustration of a terrace with a swimming pool floods the ground floor, reminiscences that add value to the business product itself.



As an innovative point to highlight in front of the Check-In offices, it is on the one hand the space that has been enabled as a kitchen and terrace for the team, which makes the moments of pause of higher quality and peace.

Special attention has also been given to recycling, with designer container bins that fit perfectly and that help to improve order, cleanliness and commitment to the environment.

The result is highly satisfactory, it is important that a team enjoy a good quality in their work environment where they can coexist with projects that flow, moments of concentration and spaces where they can share ideas in a relaxed way.