Investing in the purchase of a home, either as a second residence, as an investment, both options, is a very important decision, not only in economic terms, but also in relation to the legal rights and obligations that the property brings us of a real (and not fictitious) asset of this nature in Spain.

We can acquire a new or second-hand property, self-promote a country house or participate in a private promotion of new construction homes; on the Mediterranean coast; in a booming tourist town or even in the interior valleys with sea views, but any of these choices must always have the help of professionals (property agents, tax advisers, lawyers and architects among others) who will help to ensure that this dream is not truncated and becomes a nightmare.

They only have to think about the different existing regulations on tax and urban planning in each of the Autonomous Communities, Provinces and municipalities.


Problems that can happen in the purchase:

· From buying a home with flaws in the structure and hidden defects, or in the execution of certain major reforms in the home without having the required municipal construction license, which can carry significant penalties.

· The use of precarious materials in construction carried out by construction companies that later declare themselves bankrupt, resulting in the extinction of the right to claim for the damages caused.

· Negligence in the processing and delay in the payment of taxes derived from the purchase of the home (debts of the seller that finally pass on to the initial purchaser) and that force him to initiate costly and eternal legal claims due to liability subsidiary of the buyer before the City Council.

· Huge problems caused by the high taxation caused by the transmission of a home for the capital gain, for not having done everything we should correctly (incorrect, incomplete or lost invoices, for the works carried out in the town, lack of registration of the final work in the registry, purchase-sale value below the legal minimum established with the corresponding sanctions).

· Penalties for not filing the corresponding tax returns on time

From my point of view, another no less important problem is the negative effect of investing without having fiscally planned before the purchase in the case of a non-resident, without mentioning the ignorance of the tax obligations in the country or any other obligation in the country town hall.

Well, these are just a few examples of the problems I have encountered throughout my professional career as a financial and tax advisor.

This does not imply that incidents of this type generally occur, but they are there and our duty is to highlight them and anticipate them with the help of professionals and companies with a proven professional career. And therein lies the problem, since how can we know who to count on in these battles and get it right?

What are the advantages of having the Expertise of a leading company in the sector of vacation rental management?

Abahana Villas is a family business that was born more than twenty years ago with a vocation for service in Calpe, Moraira and Benissa Costa:

Its founding philosophy was to help and assist the owners in the management of the vacation rental.
Registered in the register of the Valencian Regional Ministry as a tour operator, it entered the geographical market of Moraira, Calpe, the coast of Benissa and Altea and specialized in the medium-high purchasing level market niche.

However, little by little it was incorporating additional services that the owners in the development of this activity (increasingly professionalized, regulated and competitive) required, who on their own account, lack of time, inexperience or ignorance of the service providers of the area, could not by themselves optimally solve the problems and incidents that arose.


What are the main facilities that a future partner-owner of Abahana finds?

Actions in the house in terms of reforms, extensions or even repairs: Abahana watches on behalf of the owner, by obtaining multiple quotes from the best and most reputable local suppliers, in order to obtain the best value for money with all the guarantees of execution. Collaborate with a team made up of collegiate architects and interior designers, in addition to other construction companies and various services.

The Real Estate department guides you in the process of selecting the best properties in terms of profitability-investment or suggests to investors those areas with the greatest potential for growth in terms of absolute value, all based on the income generated for the rent (real and demonstrable).

In addition, due to its wide portfolio of clients, it can more easily and better than ordinary real estate agencies, detect those properties whose price is “out of the money”, either because they are below the market price or because of their location, they may have a higher demand for tourist occupation (let's think that Abahana villas manages some… three thousand reserves per year)

Legal Service "Property Conveyancing": offers legal advice to buyers throughout the home buying process, linking with the tax and tax department, who study the best way to acquire a property to reduce the tax impact, thus avoiding future problems (Non-resident Companies, Inheritance and Donations and simple sales).

Adicionalmente a estos servicios profesionales, Abahana villas ofrece unos servicios complementarios que aportan valor añadido al conjunto como son:

Thefts, vandalism, water leaks ... in the home can happen and for a permanent non-resident, this is a problem.
As the owner's partner, the maintenance team of Abahana Villas personifies and monitors the condition of the villa regularly, coming to the house at any time and facilitating the work of the state security forces and bodies and even assisting in the filing of complaint to affected guests.

Abahana assists homeowners in purchasing home insurance that covers the activity of vacation rental at a reasonable price with absolutely necessary coverage, unlike the excessively expensive home insurance offered by banks.

Well, these are some of the services that Abahana additionally offers to its clients and that ostensibly facilitate the decision to invest in a home in Spain.
It is evident that the final choice in the purchase of a home will vary enormously, if what we want is to invest in a home on the Costa Blanca to obtain an income through the rental and profit from the sale, or if we are looking for is to acquire the home of our dreams so that we and our loved ones can enjoy it without a time limit.

Although in the end, both objectives can be shaken by the lack of planning and by not really having someone to flatten the ground and defend their rights and support them at all times.
For all these reasons, if we analyze the amount of the final investment amount (including indirect taxes, that is, the VAT or the property transfer tax) I recommend having the services of a leading company in the sector such as Abahana.


Is it necessary to have a legal or voluntary representative in Spain?

The law indicates that those who are non-residents who operate in Spain with Companies must have a legal representative.

It also cites a few more cases, but in normal practice, it is not necessary for a natural person to have a voluntary representative.

Now, although it is not a legal imperative, it is always necessary to have a professional who has powers of general representation, who can help you in any process with the administration, supply companies (water, electricity ...) and also, who receives all notifications emanating from public bodies to always be aware of everything and thus avoid major evils such as not meeting any type of request from those bodies in time.